Visual studio code

I'm really impressed and super surprised. Don't know how happened that i've missed that before. Microsoft looks alive again. Linux & MacOS supported (!!!). WOW. Try it. Give it a chance.

XFCE: change first day of week to monday for calendar panel item

Simply change one setting in locale config
sudo vim /usr/share/i18n/locales/en_US
Find section
week    7;19971130;7
first_weekday	1
first_workday	2
Set first_weekday equal 2.
sudo locale-gen
Restart (full or XFCE session).

Nginx: how to set default server

Sometimes it's conveniently to set up default server, that gonna try to serve request by default. Originally, if your server got a request by IP address (for example) and can't get any requested hostname, it takes first server description from your config and tries to serve request with this server.
You can change this behavior. It's really easy. Just use default_server parameter, like this.
server {
    listen      80 default_server;

How to check GMail inbox from command line

First of all we have to create an application password here.
Then, create bash script like this one:

# crontab example line
# */4 * * * * /home/username/ 

export DISPLAY=:0


/usr/bin/curl -u $username:$password --silent "" | \
  grep -oPm1 "(?<=<title>)[^<]+" | sed '1d' | \
  while read line; do 
    /usr/bin/notify-send -i xfce-newmail "You've got new mail!" "$line" -t 5000
After that, you can add this script to your cron using crontab -e. As you see, notify-send is used here to display system notification (XFCE, in my case) for each new mail received, in your case you can change that in the way you like.
Original note here.

Два столпа JavaScript

Часть 1: наследование через прототипы
Часть 2: функциональное программирование
JavaScript является одним из наиболее важных языков программирования всех времен не просто из-за своей популярности, а потому что он популяризует две черезвычайно важные для развития всей науки программирования парадигмы:
  • Наследование через прототипы (объекты не содержащие классов, делегирование прототипов более известное как OLOO — Objects Linking to Other Objects)
  • Функциональное программирование (с помощью лямбда-выражений и замыканий)